Things to Do If You Don’t Have a Job After College

It’s March and seniors everywhere are either sending in applications to schools or jobs, interviewing, or updating their resumes trying to have job after college lined up. Let me just say, congratulations! You survived 4 years of college. Four years of late nights, studying, working, extracurriculars, and so many emotional days and nights. You did it and you should be so proud of yourself, whether or not you have a job lined up or not.

Be proud of your struggles and your accomplishments. They both brought you to the point where you re at now and will help you in your search for your ideal job. So many jobs nowadays require 3-5 years of experience to qualify for an entry level job. There seems to be so much pressure on our generation to find a job straight out of college and it can cause a lot of stress. To stop this from breaking your spirit and discouraging your efforts, here are some things to do if you don’t have a job after graduation.



Okay, Okay. I know that having an internship vs a job after college can be rough. But think about it! Internships are typically a few months long, a lot of them are typically paid, and they allow you to try different jobs in your major before committing to one actual job! You get experience, you get money, and you don’t have to commit to the job until you actually know that you’re interested in working in that position. Lot of grads start a job and realize within the first month that it’s not for them, but once you start, it’s hard to get out. Internships give you a chance to try a job out!

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Now you’re probably thinking, “Girl, I just graduated and now you want me to learn more?” Well, in life, you really never stop learning. Investing some more time in enhancing your skills in your certain area can make you a competitive applicant.

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We’ve all heard the saying: it’s not about what you know but who you know. Although our introverts out there (like me) wish it weren’t true, it is true 90% of the time. If you’re having trouble finding a job after college, there’s no shame in asking someone you know (an advisor, a parent, a friend) for an introduction to someone in the field you’re interested in. Who knows – you might discover an opportunity that wasn’t listed on a job board and solidify your relationships with others along the way!


This tip definitely does not mean that you have to settle for a job after college that’s not your ideal dream job. This tip just means open up to other career options out there! Some times you have to let yourself experience something new to find the one thing you love, and that one thing may not be what you thought it would be.

I always thought medicine was my number one goal (still is to be honest), but I’m currently in research and it’s opened up so many possibilities for me! I’m not considering MD & PHD programs, which means I would become a doctor and be involved in research. I like to believe the unexpected things that happens to us become turning points in our lives, and accepting a job you didn’t originally imagine could be one of yours.


Times are tough and without a job after college, life can definitely be hard. Although here at 32K and Up we know that everyone’s circumstances are different, we encourage you to take initiative with your finances!

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There are many different ways that you can help yourself financially. It may mean giving up on your daily 5$ lattes and putting that money into a savings account. It may also mean living with your parents until your financially stable. There’s no shame in doing what’s best for you!


If you’ve read my blog before, you know I started my job 6 months after I graduated from college.

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So it wasn’t an immediate find, but I’m happy it happened when it did. After May graduation, I went on a girls trip with my sisters to Paris and spent a few weeks that summer after graduation enjoying life! I worked part-time for a while and then increased my hours at my part-time job. Although my part-time job wasn’t my ideal job, it was income I needed at the time. By October 2017 I got an email from my current job for an interview. And now, here we are! All throughout this time I was nervous, scared, confused… but I was also happy and excited to see where life takes me even though it’s a wild journey. So stay positive! Ride the waves of life even if it’s sometimes a rough journey.


Have you had a similar experience? Leave a comment below with your ‘ no job after college’ journey!

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