The 3 Best Apps for Scheduling, Studying, and Spending in College

I’ll be there first to admit that I’m on my phone constantly. My phone is always on me and always has the most important apps I need to get through life – Banking apps, Social media apps, even Excel and Powerpoint apps. I use my phone for virtually everything, and although I wish I could spend less time on it, I also realize that it’s actually something I can use to better myself and help myself get further at work or in studying.

One thing I did when I was in college was download apps that I could use for the three important S’s- Scheduling, Studying, and Spending! I did a lot of research for these apps, because I for one hate downloading an app and then realizing it’s useless or annoying to use.

If you’re interested in finding out what these apps are – keep reading!

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myHomework Student Planner

This app was a lifesaver for me! I could add all of my classes to it- with or without creating a log in with them. You should note that you aren’t able to set up homework reminders unless you sign up! I would add all of my tests, homework, lab reports, and essays to this app and set up reminders. What’s great is that they also have a notes sections for each assignment, so you can add anything you may want a reminder for to it!

It’s so simple to set up! All you have to do is head to the app store and download the free app. I put the link here to make it easier for you! Once you’re in, they have a small tutorial. After you go through that, you’ll either have a time to sign up with them, or start adding classes.

Once you’ve put in all of your classes, head over to the homework tab to start adding all of your assignments! I always found it best for me to set this up at the beginning of the semester, so everything already was on my calendar and had a reminder set up for it a few days (or weeks) before!

It’s so simple, easy and convenient! If you’re in needed of homework/ test reminders, then this is definitely a great app to use!




If you’re not using Quizlet already, then you might want to head over to the apps store now! It’s so easy to use and can basically be used for any subject. It’s an app and a website, so double the studying fun! I like to use the app when I’m walking to work and the website when I’m studying at home. The app provides different methods of studying, including games, which can make studying enjoyable.

I’ll be showing you my online Quizlet that I use when at home:

You can create different sections with different flashcards in each! My MCAT-Neuro section currently has three sections (Neurotransmitters, Functions of the Cerebral Cortex, and the Limbic System). When you’re creating your flashcards, the website tries to help you fill them in, which is pretty useful!

When I put Freud as the term, example definitions popped up for me to use and add to.

After filling out your flashcards, you can start studying with the different games they have!

Quizlet is a great app that you definitely will not regret using! Give it a try! Click the link here to get the app!



Mint: Personal Finance & Money

**Since this is a spending app and my bank information is everywhere in it, I will not be posting photos from this app. **

I heard the hype about Mint around my Junior year of college and decided to give it a try. I definitely don’t regret it! You can add all of your bank accounts easily by using your bank log in. They’ll provide you with info on how much you’re making vs how much you’re spending and it’ll compare your debt to how much you have in your checking and savings.

Not only that, but you can create any number of budgets (coffee, textbooks, alcohol), and set amounts for each item so you know where you stand and how much you have left in that budget for the month!

It’s so easy and convenient to use, and also so safe! Believe me, I wouldn’t put my bank account log in with just any app. I looked into it profusely before trusting it and didn’t find anything that would make me say, “nope, definitely not using this app”.

Check out the app here for more budgeting fun!


These three apps were my favorite apps to use in college (and currently)! What are yours?

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