college student

Building Financial Credit as a College Student

When I was younger, hearing the word “credit score” really meant nothing to me. As I grew older and began working odd jobs, my parents opened up a debit card for me to start saving money. A debit card soon turned into a credit card in my senior year of high school. I know what […]

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5 Things I Wish I knew About Life After College

That post-grad life- where you’re still on a high from graduating college with your new degree and the possibilities are endless. The high, however, only lasts a week or two after graduation, and then the “So what now?” question bares it’s ugly head. Typically after a few weeks of break, you’d go back to college […]

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Ultimate Guide to Buying College Textbooks

The first week of college always sounds like it’s going to be a breeze. You’ll get your syllabi, meet your new classmates and professors, and prep for the school year to come. One thing not many people talk about is textbooks and how much they cost. One textbook might cost you up to $200 (or […]

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