6 Amazon Items Every Career/ College Girl Needs

Amazon. I’m not really sure how I lived my life before Amazon. Am I being dramatic? Probably. But now that I’ve had Amazon Prime for over a year and am able to order/receive pretty much everything I need within 2 days and get discounts at Whole Foods Grocery, I can’t go back. Amazon Prime – […]

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Creating the Perfect College Resume

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a resume. I saw my two older sisters making one when they were in college and high school, so my middle school self thought, “Hey, I must need to make one too!” Of course all it had was a few volunteering jobs and one baby sitting job, but […]

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7 Books All GirlBosses Should Read in 2019

“This is a man’s world”. Throughout history, women have been put down time and time again. However, with recent events and everyday movements by every amazing woman out there, we’re making changes for the better and we’re not giving up. We’re stronger, better, and smarter than we were before and are only continuing to grow. […]

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