Fun and Inexpensive Spring Break Ideas

The groundhog has spoken and Spring is coming early! February is in full swing and soon March will be upon us. When I was in college, Spring Break was when someone of my best memories were created. Not because of the crazy parties some students get into (although they can be pretty fun), but because it was a time where my best friends and I can travel together, let loose, and have fun!

If you’re starting to think about Spring break ideas now, depending on where you want to go, you might be late to the game. Students typically plan this trip months in advance! College students from all over the world typically take the great pilgrimage to the notorious Spring break locations: Daytona, Pensacola, and Virginia Beach (to name a few). What most don’t tell you is that these trips can be pretty pricey. So, what do students who don’t want to break the bank do for Spring Break? Check out some of the best places to head to for Spring Break below!



This was always my friends and my go-to for a mini vacation. We would get a group of friends into one or two cars, set a destination(s), grab snacks for the trip, and just drive! With road trips, you have a lot of control over what you see/do/spend. Since we have friends around Texas, we would make pit-stops in different cities and stay with friends and sometimes at little indie hotels for the night. Sometimes we even camped out (if we brought our gear and there was a camp site nearby)! Road trips are never a good time as long as you have your best friends and good vibes.


To piggy back off of the previous tip, go on a camping trip for Spring Break! My friends and I actually did this for a few of our Spring breaks and we always had the best time. There are so many different places to go camping and if your city happens to have areas for it, the cheaper your trip will be! We usually would drive to the camping ground early morning, go hiking for a bit, and then find a place to set up camp. We would always bring food and snacks. My sister, Christina, loves to make fires so she was always in charge of the s’mores! Another trip we took was a glamping trip. We stayed in cute little Yurtz, very instagram friendly. We could hike, swim, or boat! If you’re looking for a fun and active Spring break, try taking a camping trip!


Literally my favorite thing to do and I would do this every week if I could. Since staying at home can be kind of boring for Spring break, why not grab some friends and stay at a local hotel? My friends and I would find a cute hotel that’s around our local bars and clubs and stay there for a weekend. Pretending you’re a tourist in your own city can be fun! Go to the best restaurants, visit tourist attractions, and just explore! Then, after your day of exploring, glam up and head to the club to dance the night away!


If you live somewhat near a lake or ocean, have a boat day(s)! Grab some friends, rent a boat, play some tunes, and chill. As long as nobody gets sea-sick, it’s always a great time! If the water isn’t bad to swim in, you can always take a dip or go tubing around the lake as well!


Okay, so this is probably the most expensive of all of the ones I’ve suggested, but it’s not impossible! The weather is perfect almost everywhere in the states, so it’s peak time to travel. If you’re traveling for Spring Break, try to avoid the key Spring breaker ares. These spots most likely have hiked up prices. Check for student discounts on airfare and hotels (or hostels). Check airlines like Southwest that gives deals regularly and allows you to see the cheapest dates for traveling. One Spring break I’ll never forget was a trip I took with my best friends to Costa Rica. The flight was cheap and we were able to find a nice hotel with reasonable prices. Traveling doesn’t have to break the bank, so travel smart and look into all of your options!



The world might be telling you that your Spring break has to be this big event, but honestly it doesn’t have to be for it to be fun. There are so many things that you can do, including the ones I listed above and some I haven’t listed, that are fun, inexpensive, and just as enjoyable!

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