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Hello world! This is pretty exciting- I’m officially a budget blogger.

This took me forever to start. I kept talking myself out of it, then into it, then out of it, then into it again. But, here we are! I realized that I was dedicated and fascinated with how creating a budget helped me, so I’m here to help you! I suppose I’ll get on with it now. My name is Stephanie, nice to meet you! I graduated from college in 2017- $20,000 in debt. Insane, I know. My parents aren’t super wealthy, I went to a private school, and FAFSA and scholarships just weren’t enough. Believe me, I realized how crazy I was to take out that much money in student loans. The only problem was I figured it out much too late. And to be honest, I wasn’t the budget queen I am not when I was in college or even right after college. That took LOTS of time.

So, here I am a new graduate with 20,000 dollars in loans and with a job that’s only paying me $32,000 (hence the name of my website). I know, not the greatest starting salary, but it’s more common amongst new grads than you think. I definitely wasn’t going to be paying off that loan anytime soon if I didn’t figure out side hustles and scrape as much money from every piece of area I could find money in. It was hard work, but here I am at 26- debt free. And YOU can be too!

This blog will be dedicated to budgeting, side hustles, ways to save money, ways to invest money, and so much more! I’m definitely still learning, so we can learn together! I’ve always done my best work when I had a study buddy.

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Sincerely, Steph

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