7 Ways College Students Can Make Easy Money

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”, that’s what we’re all told, right? Well, money may not grow on trees, but sometimes it’s not as hard to obtain as some may say.

When I started college in 2013, I knew I would be spending all of my time in the classroom or studying, without having much time for a part-time job. I was fine not working, I knew I wanted to focus and that doing my best in the classroom was what I ultimately needed; however, it didn’t help that there were so many different expenses to being a student. I had to pay for my books, food, housing, and yes, clothing for the days I had to dress professionally. I needed money and I couldn’t ask my parents for a monthly allowance since, I’ll be honest, we’re not extremely well off.

So, in 2013 I started looking for flexible jobs that would accommodate my schedule as a student. Although it is tough out there to find these opportunities and deciphering between what is real and what is a scam, I found 7 jobs that helped me get through college that I’ll be sharing with you today!


1. Appen Butler Hill 

I’m going to start with one of my favorite companies that I currently work for. It’s easy, pays decently, and what’s great is that you can WORK FROM ANYWHERE! As long as you have an iPhone and a laptop/ computer, you’re on your way to easy money!

I’ll be honest, when I first saw the website for this company, I thought it was a scam. It seemed too good to be true! They have different jobs that you can apply for- all with easy qualifications. The one I’ll be talking about today that I do is Insta-Ads Evaluator. It’s an easy job that requires you to rate Instagram Ads on a daily basis. You’re paid $10 per hour you work and you put in your hours into their invoice system. With this job, I can make around $300 or more dollars each month, depending on how many ads I rate and how many days I feel like working. Although that amount isn’t much, it’s a great start!

Appen has plenty of other opportunities that contractors can take part in, including surveys and other evaluating opportunities. You can work for multiple projects.

2. Remote Social Media Manager

If you have experience in social media, including gaining followers and keeping an active account with great content and social growth, this job is for you!

Social media managers create, manage, and grow brands through content creation and ad campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Skills include photography, writing and editing, research, and marketing. The average monthly pay for this job is about $3,000, depending on the company and the position you gain in the company. Check out Indeed for more information about Remote Social Media Managers and which companies are hiring!

3. Airbnb Host

Have an extra room available in your apartment, don’t mind sharing your space, and live in or near the “hot spot” of town? Then this is definitely for you! This is an almost zero hassle job in which you set up your available space online (Airbnb, VRBO, or HomeAway) and wait for the money to start coming in!

Depending on how much you set up your space for and how many people rent out your space, the income from this can be on average, about $2,000 per month!

Things to remember: Keep it safe, take your future guest’s reviews into consideration (What did the last host think of them? Were they sketchy?). Keep it clean, always leave the space you’re renting looking fresh and updated, a guest’s dream space!

4. Pet Sitter

We all have friends and family, and we all know friends and family who have pets. Why not watch their pets while making a profit? If you’re a dog (or cat!) lover, this job is definitely for you.

By signing up with DogVacay or/and Rover, you can watch other people’s pups and get paid for it! Pet-sitting for out-of-town dog owners can be fun, therapeutic, and an easy way to make money all while being able to stay at home and get that essay or lab report done. The site lets you set your own rates and lets you choose whether the pet comes to your house or if you go to theirs. It’s safe, easy, and fun!

5. Survey Taker

Love to give your opinion on different subjects? Then being a survey taker just might be the job for you!

There are plenty of ways to make money through taking surveys. Each site is different, some might have you take an opinion poll, some might have you answer questions about shopping habits or have you review products. These surveys can pay as little as a few cents and as much as $50, depending on the site and the length of the survey. I have personally used a couple of these survey sites and have been able to make a few hundred dollars, but persistence and consistency is key.

An important thing to note here is that some sites pay you in cash (PayPal or check), while others pay you in points which can be redeemed for gift cards (Starbucks gift cards can be sent my way, please!).

If you feel like this is the job for you, head over to these sites and start giving your opinion!

PineconeResearch.comand PaidViewPoint.com

6. Vlogger

We all know the power of Youtube by now and how views can get you the big bucks! This job is perfect for the creative geniuses out there.

By creating videos (how-to, lifestyle, shopping hauls, etc), you can earn anywhere from hundreds to millions of dollars! Everyone knows how to do something or has a hobby that they enjoy, why not share it with the world and teach them while you do it?

To start, sign up for a free Youtube account, then use your smart phone or digital camera to record yourself explaining and demonstrating how your special hobby works! The fun thing about Youtube is that not all youtubers make how-to’s or teach a certain thing, some just record their life and post snippets of it to share with the world. It’s all about what makes you different and what you can bring to the table! By continually uploading on a set schedule and interacting with the community, you’ll be getting views in no time! By adding advertisement to your page, you can get paid through these ads. If your page is popular, you can even gain sponsorships, which can lead to extra cash in your pocket!

7. Virtual Graphic Designer

Love to draw and creat graphic designs? Then this is definitely for you. Plenty of companies or small businesses are looking for that creative someone who can create logos, packaging, labels, and advertisements for their brand- and that someone can be you!

By signing up with Indeed and/or Upwork and searching for ‘Remote Graphic Design Jobs’ in their search bar, you’ll be able to find the different opportunities out there that don’t require much background, and all from the comfort of your own home (or dorm!). Top candidates will have skills in typography, creativity, software, web design, Adobe Photoshop, technology, and more.

Now you might be wondering, how much does something like this pay? Well, a couple of sites lets you put a price on your work, and some put a price of (on average) $18 an hour for your time. Not a bad deal when you’re doing something you love in the comfort of your own bed!


By signing up with these sites and starting your search now, you’ll be able to open yourself up to multiple opportunities to make easy money right from home or school! Don’t let making money be a burden when it doesn’t have to be. A 9-5 is not for everyone, especially most college students, so by taking these opportunities, you’ll be able to make easy money all while being able to focus time on your school work and extracurriculars.

Have questions on how to start? Drop a line in my contact section, I’d love to help out!

Note: This post contains affiliate links. You can read my disclosure here.

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