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6 Easy Minimalist Habits to Start Saving Money

One of the reasons why I wanted to adapt a more minimalist lifestyle was because the idea of living simple with less sounded really attractive to me! It really helped me to become more intentional in all aspects of my life, including my finances. Over time I noticed that I was cutting back on my impulse purchases mindless spending, over consumption.

Instead, I’m able to now focus on my long-term money goals. Minimalism isn’t necessarily about spending less money, but channeling our hard-earned money towards the things that we actually value in life by putting in a little bit of effort to be more resourceful and organized. I notice how big of a difference it really makes, so here are six minimalist habits that can help you to save money.

Minimalists Determine Their Needs

Cosumerism becomes excessive when we buy beyond what’s needed. Since adopting a more minimalist approach, I realized how much money I was spending towards things I didn’t even need. From spending too much on clothes, decor items, app subscriptions or memberships, excessive utility bills; this all started to add up very quickly. Yet, I wasn’t any happier because of it.

I think that’s how the vicious work to spend cycle begins. As lifestyle inflations creeps in, we have to work even harder and longer to keep up with our spending habits and we spend because we want to treat ourselves or because we feel like we deserve it. But, what we truly deserve is to live a life free of debt and free of financial worries. Having a budget, frequently checking my statements, being more organized, and determining my priorities can help us to restructure how we choose to spend. It’s not about obsessing over every little penny, but more about being careful so we can spend money on things that we truly value in life.

Sell What You Don’t Need

There are so many benefits to decluttering your life. But what happens to the items you want to get rid of?

Instead of throwing away everything, I like to go through the items and see which ones I can sell first. It’s a win-win situation because I can get rid of all of the clutter in my home, while making some money back from these unwanted items. When I started my minimalist journey, I started listing my stuff on Craigslist, PoshMark, EBay, and Facebook Marketplace to find a new home for my belongings. Trying to sell these items can be a little frustrating, since you’ll find that you’re spending more time on the app than making money. However, once you get a system going, you’ll find that making that extra cash can be really helpful.

Make a Meal Plan

Simplifying all areas of my life is something I want to achieve on my minimalist journey. So, this is definitely something I brought into the kitchen as well. Meal planning has been a game changer for me. It saves me so much money from eating out and also produce going bad and the decision fatigue of always wondering where I’m going to eat. Of course we all want to eat healthier and more home-cooke meals, but our schedules can prevent this. By selecting our recipes ahead of time, we can shop, prep, and cook our meals and have it ready for us at any time. So that I don’t get bored of the meal throughout the week, I batch cook two or more meals and divide them up throughout the week. This way, I can mix up what I am eating for lunch and dinner for that week.

Minimalists Enjoy Simplicity

Simplicity is something we can bring it into our homes. I used to always be on the hunt for the perfect decor items or a painting or vase that would fit perfectly into my space. But, I came to a clear realization that I didn’t really find any value in these items because when I started to declutter, these were the first items I donated or sold.

More than ever, I’m learning how to appreciate the empty spaces in my home instead of trying to fill every room with something. I do like to have plants in my space, I love the green that it adds and it provides the decor in the areas I find I’m wanting something in.

Minimalists Research

One of the ways that has truly saved me a lot of money is to take the time and do the research ahead of time. I found that the more informed and organized I am, the less likely I’m able to make impulse purchases. I try to do this with every purchase I’m going to make, so something as small as body soap to picking a restaurant, I want to make sure to look up reviews on the item or place. This way, I know that I will enjoy and appreciate this item, versus buying it without researching it and finding that I actually really do not enjoy the item and wasting however much money on it. Researching can actually help us all save a lot of money over time.

Shop Second-Hand

I feel like there are so many things already out there in the world and it’s important for us to do our part to try to look for second-hand or pre-owned items first. Then, we can really make a difference in slowing down product production and stop throwing away perfectly good items that could be used in someone else’s home. Buying second-hand items allows us to slow the increasing pile-up in landfills, while also helping another person earn money.


What habits are you wanting to start to simplify your life and help you save money? Comment below!

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