6 Amazon Items Every Career/ College Girl Needs

Amazon. I’m not really sure how I lived my life before Amazon. Am I being dramatic? Probably. But now that I’ve had Amazon Prime for over a year and am able to order/receive pretty much everything I need within 2 days and get discounts at Whole Foods Grocery, I can’t go back.

Amazon Prime – although adding another monthly fee isn’t my favorite thing to do – is really useful. Hit the picture below to get a 6 month trial for all Prime Students! As long as you have your student email, you’ll be able to sign up for Amazon Prime Student and get those 6 months- payment free. I did it when I first started college and became hooked immediately! All of my school essentials came from Amazon Prime, as well as my job essential items. Check out my top items below!

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What better way to start your Girl Boss journey than with the original book itself! Sophia Amoruso’s book, #GIRLBOSS, was one of the first books I read on female entrepreneurship . I LOVE books, but typically I would stick to fictional novels. One day, I was looking for my next read and stumbled upon her book, #GIRLBOSS. After looking into it (and finding out she works for Nasty Gal), I immediately ordered it.

Sophia’s story is completely inspiring! She started out as a struggling young adult, selling clothes on eBay that she would find thrifting and alter them. After struggling for a while, she took matters into her own hands and turned this hobby into a full-time business! She’s now the founder and CEO of Nasty Gal and Girlboss. Her book tells about her story and how no matter where you come from or what you do, you can become a business success! Who better to learn how to be a GirlBoss from?


Moleskine has been my go to for journals for a while. I love their sleek covers and their different insides, giving you options of dotted, lined, graph, and plain.

My favorite product from them is the dotted hardcover journal. I’ve recently bought it to start my own bullet journal and I’m excited to start on it! Bullet journals allow you to customize your planner and decorate it the way that you want to decorate it. This allows you to keep yourself organized and allow yourself to let out your creative side!


Is it just me or does everyone else have a weird obsession with pens? My favorites so far are the Sharpie Pens and the Meanjan Retractable Gel Pens. Both pens are great for smooth, clean writing. I specifically like the Sharpie Pens for drawing in my bullet journal and the Meanjan pens for writing/ taking notes.

No Girl Boss should go without great pens! These are easy to write with, smooth, and no bleed through! Interested in these pens? Check out the Sharpie Pens here and the Meanjan Pens here!


Staying organized can be tough, and sometimes a daily planner isn’t enough. I like to have my daily planner with me in my bag, but I also have a white board in my office that has my monthly goals, meetings, and plans on it. Amazon was a great place to look for these items since they have so many options! I actually found one at Target that I liked and price matched it with Amazon and found that I would get a better deal with Amazon!

The whiteboard I love to use is the U Brands Magnetic Monthly Calendar. It has a gold frame, which ads a little flare to my office and comes with a set up calendar and to-do section, as well as a dry erase marker with eraser and pin-it cork magnet! It’s convenient, easy to use, and a cute way to stay organized!


Every girl on the go needs her trusty portable charger by her side. They are small and so convenient for charging your phone when you’re not near an outlet. Keep these little guys in your purse/ backpack and you’ll never have a low battery incident again!

My personal favorite brand is Anker. After having used their portable charger and portable speakers, I’m hooked. This one charges your phone up to 5 times if it’s fully charged! If you’re anything like me (always on your phone, either for work, school, or life in general), this item should definitely be number 1 on your list of Amazon purchases!

Interested in trying it out? Click here for more information!


Oil humidifiers have become one of my favorite things to own! It’s a little contraption that you put water and a few drops of your favorite scented oil, and it diffuses scented moist air throughout the room to allow for a calming and decongesting affect. I like to turn mine on at night. I put about 3-4 drops of lavender oil into mine and it has an option where it diffuses for a few seconds, then stops, then diffuses again for a few seconds. This continues throughout the night. I’ve honestly noticed I’ve had a better nights sleep with this and have had much less congestion!

Mine is from URPOWER. It’s small (about the size of my iPhone), has different color lights (or no lights if you like to sleep in the pitch dark), and it lasts pretty much the whole night.


Amazon is made for every career girl’s essential needs. Not even just career girls. Amazon is made for everyone!

What are you career essential picks from Amazon?

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    1. They are such useful items! The book is a must read. I love Sophia’s story- I started with the Netflix show GirlBoss and then that led me to the book, both great!
      xx Steph

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