19 Campus Jobs to Help Pay For College

Whether you’ve signed up with FAFSA or haven’t, chances are you’re able to be a part of your campuses work-study program. Work study is basically campus jobs that students can sign up for. Although the pay is typically minimum wage, the job usually has flexible hours.

When I was in college, I took full advantage of my work-study program! Being able to work in between or after classes on campus saved me the travel time and cost most other jobs take. I was able to have an easy job to: 1) add to my resume, 2) save money for tuition or the future, and 3) interact with my college’s staff and get to know pretty great people I may not have met.

In today’s blog, I’m going to share with your 23 on-campus jobs that you can sign up for at your campus!



ADMISSION STUDENT TOUR GUIDE – Campus tour guides are one of the first people prospective students interact with. They are the face of the campus and students. If you know your campuses history and know your way around it well, this job is definitely for you!

CAMPUS BOOKSTORE – Do you love to be surrounded by books? Have great customer service skills? Then consider working at your campus bookstore! Benefits include getting discounts on textbooks and campus gear!

CAMPUS MAIL ROOM – If you love organizing mail, then this job is yours! Here in the mail room, you’ll be able to sort mail and deliver packages. Attention to detail is a must here!

FINANCIAL AID OFFICE – Are you good with numbers? Do you like to have constant interaction with people? Then this job may be for you! The financial aid office needs students who have great customer service and are able to problem solve on your toes.

LIBRARY – From sorting books, finding books, or checking out books, your day will be filled with books on books in the library! If you’re a fan of the written word, then this jobs is yours!

REGISTRATION OFFICE – The registration office is pretty similar to the financial aid office. You’ll need people skills and the ability to stay organized. Students that work this area are trained to help other students who are having trouble registering for classes or those in need of dropping a class.

WELCOME CENTER –Students who work at the welcome center get to be the face of the university. They welcome guests, answer questions and give directions. If you know your campus well, you should consider applying!


CAMPUS FITNESS CENTER- Almost all campuses have a fitness center for their students to break a sweat. This was one of my favorite jobs to be a part of! If you’re into the gym life, this job is definitely for you too! Most campuses have jobs in personal training, teaching a fitness class, or manning the front desk.

ATHLETICS DEPARTMENT- If you want to focus on sports instead of the gym, try joining the athletics department! Here you can find jobs in selling tickets for events or games, student athletics photographer, or mascot! One of my friends was the mascot at our school and it was always fun going to games knowing it was him in the crowd rooting on our team!


RESEARCH ASSISTANT – Is science your niche? Try applying to be a research assistant with a faculty member! Students can assist with current projects, or even start their own side project. You’ll be able to assist in writing articles, gathering data, and conducting studies. You may even gain a scholarship out of it!

STUDY PARTICIPANT – Some campuses pay students to participate in studies being conducted by their faculty. Keep your eyes open for posters around campus!


NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION LEADER- Are you lively and energetic? Do you love your school? Then this job is for you! Orientation leaders are some of the first people freshmen students meet! You’ll spend a few days with your group and lead them through your campus, showing them how great college can be.

RESIDENT ASSISTANT – Resident assistants oversee the res- halls and ensure that everyone is safe. They interact with the residents and handle problems/ emergencies that may arise. This job does require manning the front desk overnight. However, if you’re pulling an all nighter to study, might as well make money out of it!


PEER TUTOR – Are you acing chemistry? Do you know your way around economics? Then you should consider applying to be a peer tutor! The tutoring center typically has jobs for all subjects. So, if you’re loving a subject, sign up to teach it!

TEACHING ASSISTANT – If you go to a college with classes ranging from 50-500 students, chances are your professor has a teaching assistant. A TA usually grades papers, does data entry, or tutors students. Similar to being a peer tutor, this job is best for students who do well in that particular subject.


PRODUCTION/ MEDIA OFFICE – Interested in PhotoShop, inDesign, iMovies, or more? Then think about getting in touch with your campus’ media and production office. Here, you’ll be able to help the production team with commercials, live events, and other promotional material!

IT DEPARTMENT – The IT department typically provides services to students, staff, and faculty. Services include computer troubleshooting, network maintenance, and computer lab help. If you’re tech savvy, then this is definitely the job for you!


CAMPUS NEWSPAPER – If you are an aspiring journalist, you should definitely find opportunities to write for your campus’ newspaper! Most campus newspapers allow students free-reign on their topics, as long as it abides by the school’s guidelines.

WRITING CENTER – Do your friends come to you regularly to have their essays proofread? Do you enjoy editing other’s work? Then, this is definitely the job for you! Pop out that highlighter and ask to join your campus’ proofreading/ editing services.


The great thing about campus jobs is that during downtime, they usually are okay with you studying! So, if you have some free time and are in need of some cash, think about signing up for one (or more) of these jobs! You definitely will not regret it!

Here are some of my favorite moments as part of the Sport & Athletics Department at my campus!

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